Billing and Revenue Solutions

About Our Company

Capital Management Solutions, Inc. has been serving nursing home and health care clients since 2008. We provide accurate and timely billing services to health care providers throughout the United States. We pride ourselves in our responsiveness to clients and our knowledge of the ever changing billing processes and regulations that are critical to providing maximum reimbursement and quick payments.

We understand the importance of managing the cost of treatment for patients and how to seek reimbursement for these costs during each billing period. We know how to make the process work efficiently—from admissions pre-certification through placement. Our support can make the difference in helping your business to submit clean claims, receive fast payments, and reduce bad debt.

Who We Are

CMS Inc. was founded by Jenny La. She has over 12 years of experience working in the front lines of billing as a billing consultant for several large-scale skilled nursing facilities. She is expert in office operations management, federal and state health care regulations, and using billing technology.

We are a team of accounting, customer service, IT and financial professionals that support the overall service to the firm’s clients. This includes other professional firms and lenders that allow CMS Inc. to provide a broad range of services to support client billing and help them manage cash flow.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide accurate billing and the timely submission of claims.

We begin our services by asking the questions:

1. How did uncollected accounts receivable impact your business profitability?
2. What is the current status of this year’s accounts receivable?
3. How does your business office on a monthly basis monitor billing and then reconcile claims submitted against payments received?
4. What is your strategy for resubmitting claims and collecting unpaid charges?

We want to partner with you to improve billing efficiency, maximize reimbursements, minimize aging of Accounts Receivable, and to meet the financial expectations of corporate Management.

Together we make it happen.